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Model Based Optimized Design of lC Engine Vehicle Conversion to Electrical Vehicle (MODEv)

MODEv is a strategic project for proposing a method to develop a model-based system design for internal combustion engine (ICE) to Electric vehicle (EV) conversion. The outcome of this project can be used to design a system for the conversion of a wide range of existing ICE powered vehicles, by optimizing the performance of the most influential components. Converting an internal combustion engine vehicle into an electric vehicle reduces the cost of switching to a clean transportation as most of the components of the car including the chassis, frame, and body are reused.

This project is planned to embrace new research in order to analyze which implications and consequences would have to use the same structure of current combustion cars, and transform it into an electrical one, in terms of design, materials and security.


Project Staff

Activity Leader (KU):

Dr. Bishal Silwal

Assistant Professor, Kathmandu University

Activity Leader (SSC):

Mr. Sudhan Basnet

Head of Engineering, Simulation Science Center

Research Assistant (KU):

Mr. Ojaswi Bahadur Lakhey

Kathmandu University

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